What kind of results can you expect from the Growology® system? Take a look.

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Thank you! I'm just loving the results I'm getting with Growology. I keep looking at pics from my last grow and comparing them to this one. I'm not really comparing size or anything as my last one was outdoor and this one is under LED (although this one kicks butt) what I look at is overall healthiness. By this time my last grow had leaves falling off, turning yellow, all kinds of stuff... This time everything is looking very healthy!

I noticed that the plants from Step 3 start to mature much faster too. No burns just seems to kick metabolism in the right direction.

It didn't take me long to be sold on the Growology. After looking around at the different nutrients the Growology does all the thinking for you, making the process that much simpler, while providing the best possible outcome for the plant. Way to go!

More Praise From Our Valued Customers

My plants have never grown so quick and looked so good, the color is spot on. It’s such an easy system to use yet it gives amazing results. You really know how to make a product perfect for these plants.

My fave product so far is the Growology Step 1. Makes HUGE root balls so fast and fills the root zone quickly!

Your fertilizer really helps make things so much easier. I like how they have everything a plant can need. It’s nice not to have to worry about mixing a bunch of different nutrients. It takes me long enough to water already… LOL

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